Many moons ago I was a gym rat. Back in the day when I was a School Counselor, my day started pretty early. In addition to having a full day on the job, I was the mother to two active girls. I was no busier than most working mothers, but finding time to work out was not easy. My only go-to was to get up at 5:00 AM and hit the gym. I loved it then as it provided me a guaranteed opportunity to exercise and build those desired muscles. Now not so much lol

I am still a morning person but I start my day differently now. I wrote about my new morning routine here. The gym kinda freaks me out and gets on my nerves for a few reasons. 1: I am now a shiny new germaphobe. I am not sure when it happened and even why but I have become certified in this area and watching people’s cleanliness behaviors ( lack of ) at the gym keeps me away. Another reason I do not frequent the gym now is I have fallen in love with working out in my own home in my own space.

Back in 2012, I became a Beachbody Coach. Beachbody is known for at-home workouts and supplements. It was a fantastic time of life and I do not regret one day I spent with the company. ( I am still affiliated with them but not an active coach. If you purchase from my link I do get a tiny commission )

I am so thankful that going to the gym is not the only way to stay active. I look at being active differently today. Right now it’s all about mobility for me. I have no desire to have a sculpted body. My desire 100% lives in being mobile and having a strong core with good balance.

Here are my favorite ways to workout at home:

1- Caroline Girvan on YouTube. If you have not heard of her, please check her out ASAP. She is amazing, flipping beautiful, and truly a fantastic fitness teacher. One of the things that drew me to her in the first place was she does not talk during her workouts.. I love to listen to my own music when working out. She does a great job of talking prior to the workout starting and does demonstrate proper form at that time. ( I love her Christmas playlist with 20-minute workouts ). Mike loves to search for her ab workouts. We love her but we also call her plenty of bad names hee hee PS: Caroline also has an App/Web Based option that you can purchase and do more exclusive workouts as well as read great articles. I think her free YouTube channel is amazing though so I would start there.

2- Beachbody on Demnad. Beachbody started me on my love of working out at home back in 2012. They have a FANTASTIC always growing online workout library with options for all fitness and wellness levels. They also have some amazing nutrition programs with tasty recipes. The 21-Day Fix was the program that helped me stay consistent working out and adopt good portion-control eating habits. Their yoga programs are also perfect for all levels. It is a very affordable fitness resource to have in our home. Click the image below for a short video of Beachbody on Demand ( Bodi )

Click on image for a brief video tour of Bode

3-Yoga International. I have used Yoga International for over a decade now. I first discovered this platform when I was a wellness coach and had my own business. I loved the health articles before I loved the programs lol. Now I use it a few times a week. My favorite part of this platform is the search bar. I love that I can search for a stretching video for a sore back that is only 20 minutes. You can get very specific in your search. There are thousands of workouts and hundreds of curated courses.

4-Lastly there is the most simple and often underrated affordable way to be active: get the hell out of the house. Mike has mastered this area. He LOVES to walk. He is a crank butt if he does not get his walk-in for the day. He loves to put his headphones on and get outside. If walking is not your thing then pick up a padel and try a new sport. We love love love to play padel. We enjoy the physical activity on the court as well as the social aspect of the game. Maybe swimming is your thing and something that you look forward to doing. In most areas of the world, you will find a public swimming pool nearby. If all of these seem daunting to you then just open your door, breathe in the fresh air and stretch.

Being active may mean something different to you than it does to me. Just remember that old habits can get boring and stale. If you are finding yourself bored or losing interest in your current routine, there are options. Move those muscles, breathe in the air and for goodness sake wash those hands if you go to the gym ( hee hee )