About Us

Expats in Portugal

This is us cool We are Mike and Judy Malone and we have been living the retired life in Portugal since April of 2021. Before we moved to Portugal we lived in an adorable coastal town in Southern California. We have two adult daughters that both currently live in the States. Mike is a retired  VP of Marketing and Sales and I am a retired School Counselor.

If you have already checked out our Adventures of two Expats page here on our site you know most of the deets as to why we landed in Portugal.

We are embracing our new retired life and taking on as many adventures as we can. We currently fill our days with long hikes, playing mahjong with friends, attempting golf,  battling it out with fellow resort residents on the padel court, dining with other expats, lounging on our patio with a book and sometimes a glass of wine,  and taking as many trips within Europe as we can. Our goal for this stage of our lives is to embrace each day and make the most out of every opportunity.

Everyday is an adventure.

One day, we hope to visit


Currently living in

Algarve Portugal

Judy obsesses over


Mike's favorite past time is

Spending time in the gym