Another Day Another Chance

Welcome to my website. I created Another Day Another Chance because I truly believe this is the way to live. I have tried to be perfect and live by that printed plan and time after time I flopped. I tried to live in balance and that worked for a long time then I discovered the word BALANCE could be interpreted differently each day  and let’s just say my BALANCE was tilted often.


One day I had an AHA moment. I realized that I am not perfect lol. One day I am in a good balance and the next Mike and I have two empty bottles of wine on the counter. One week I would workout every day and then for no good reason the next week I was over it.
The AHA moment was just to do my best every day. Some days I suck at my goals and then some days I nail it 100%. What I don’t want to do is beat myself up about things that are in the past. I don’t want to spend any of my precious time here on this planet worrying about yesterday. I want to wake up each day and do my best, that’s it. Another Day and Another Chance.  Each day the sunrises is another day and another chance to push play on my exercise, a chance to choose healthier meals, another chance to sit and meditate. Some days are going to be just as I planned and then some are going to go way off track. That is ok because tomorrow is Another Day and Another Chance.

Each day is another chance to be kinder to the people you meet on the streets, another chance to get in the kitchen and eat healthy, another chance to explore that hobby you have always dreamed of. Bottom line,  it is a new day and you have a blank slate ahead of you so just do your best.

You do You,  whatever that means but don’t stay stuck worrying about yesterday or live in your head with regrets. It is a new day, what are you going to do with it? 

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