I am always on the hunt for fun new healthy or healthy(ish) foods. If you know me, you know food is my life. I have loved food for most of my life so I figured if I did not want to end up being 200+ pounds I had better find a way to eat clean and healthy/healthy(ish) foods.

The other day I was reading something somewhere and this thing called a white mulberry popped on my screen and I had to know more. Here is what I discovered. I hope I pique your interest a little :-)

Mulberries, also called “white blackberries”, are small berries growing on the white mulberry tree. These are not to be confused with blackberries; honestly, I do not know why they call them “white” blackberries. The berries have a slightly sweet taste with a touch of honey flavor but also in some strange way taste like licorice to me. I know that might not sound like a rousing endorsement but I promise they are tasty and the licorice taste might just be my taste buds. They are kinda of a weird looking berry, aren’t they?

Mulberries are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin K, and iron. They also contain dietary fiber and a variety of antioxidants. Additionally, mulberries are low in calories and fat, making them a healthy choice for a snack or addition to my ninja creami creations:-)

These berries have found a permanent place on my counter with my other favorite go-to’s. I love to use them in my oatmeal, granola, and smoothies. As with all dried fruit, finding a product with no added oil or sugar is best. If you can find a product sweetened with apple juice, grab it!!!

To my American friends, you can find these berries here on Amazon.com. To my Portugal peeps you can find them here on Amazon.es. If you try them, I would love to know what you think.