This AM I was going through some blog posts from my retired business All in the Balance and I came across this photo that really stuck in my head. Nowadays this saying is very popular but how many of us really stop to ponder what it actually means?

I currently follow a fitness trainer who starts every workout with this exact saying on the screen. It is comforting to see it, as it reminds me that even though she is VERY fit and has probably worked out consistently for decades I need to work at my pace, as we do the same workout. It is such a simple saying but each day that I hit play on my TV it reminds me that this workout is for me and what I put in I will get out. 

When I think about this saying I am also reminded that I get out what I put in and am responsible for ALL my actions. If I decide to go at a very slow pace, with very low weights, and check my phone a few times throughout the workout then I need to own the consequences of those actions. I can not blame the trainer or the workout program. I need to own me!

On the flipside when I finish a workout and feel I pushed myself, I stayed uber focused and did not mail it in, I get to look in the mirror and be very proud of myself. I deserve to feel proud and walk with my head up high. I owned me.

Ultimately, this saying means to me to take responsibility for your actions. I get frustrated when I run across someone that blames others for things that go wrong or they do not get the desired outcome for something they wanted. Sometimes we screw up and that is life. It is what we do after that screw up that determines if you are owning it or not. Right? 

My wish for this world is that every individual would embrace this saying. I think if this were to happen we would slowly see a shift in our world.