We have been home from our grand adventure for one week and I still can not see my toes! When we left in November of 2023 I was in pretty good shape. I had been doing yoga, playing padel, and working out with weights a few times a week. In addition, we had just finished walking our very first Camino a few months before we left so I was pretty active.

And then we left our home for a 6-month adventure……….

When we left on our trip I was convinced I would not gain any weight. I was going to work out while we were on the transatlantic cruise, go to the gym with my daughter when we were in the States and of course, I was going to work out most of the days while on the world cruise. HA HA HA Can I scream NOT loud enough??????

To be fair I did work out a few times while on the transatlantic cruise and a few times with my daughter while visiting her in the States but let it be none I did not work out ONE day while on the 121 world cruise. The gym on the Viking Sky was annoying. Of course, you can not expect a gym to be all that because duh you are on a cruise ship but it was always hot and stuffy and I did not like the layout at all. This is my story and I am sticking with it.

There is no sense in crying over spilled milk as the saying goes. Mike and I had a motto on the cruise ship, it was “This too shall pass” We did not overeat but we ate a lot. We did not ever drink so much we were drunk, but we drank a lot, and we did not have dessert every day, ok yes we did lol. What we did do was allow ourselves to do what we wanted without rules or guilt.

The price for that attitude is now I have missing toes. But as the saying goes, ” This too shall pass” So it is back to the yoga mat, time to pick up those weights, time to moderate those happy hours and now we will make our own healthy desserts.

If you are missing your toes right now for whatever reason, join me and just start now. Decide what you can do today to affect your tomorrow. Let the yesterday’s be gone, peel your eyes ahead, and just do a little something. A lot of little somethings add up to some great successes.