Mike and I just returned from a six-month grand adventure and I want to do nothing but sit with myself and my thoughts. This sounds so odd coming from my mouth as I am a social butterfly and I missed my family and friends so much while on this adventure. But here is the thing I have discovered about travel, it is truly an inner journey as much as a physical adventure. I learned this quickly when someone asked me how our trip was and I just froze. I realized that I was still processing the experience. I believe, at least for me it is important to sit with my thoughts and reflections before I try to share the experience. Has this ever happened to you?

It feels a little selfish to tell my family and friends that I will be taking time to disconnect from my last adventure while I come back into my routine and life here in Portugal but I think it is vital for me. The things I am learning in this stage they call retirement is really powerful and so different then any other stage of life for me. They say cats have 9 lives, I think I might have them beat.

Honor yourself when the need arises, we need to take care of ourselves in orer to show up for others. We all have different needs, desires and ways we live our lives, if it feels right-Just do it.

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