Meet Gutz and Mia, my sweet grandcats. Gonna be real here, I am a dog person not a cat person but these two truly won my heart from the moment I met them. I use to have cats when I was growing up but they did not have near the personality that these sweet loves do. The cats I had carried attitudes.

However, Gutz and Mia are filled with mega personalities, loving, and very playful.

Gutz and Mia belong to my daughter Kristen and her husband Seb. Seb has a tremendous love and connection with cats. When Kristen and Seb got married we all knew it was only a matter of time before their family would grow. I can still remember the day they went to the rescue shelter in Washington. They had an immediate love reaction when they saw these two. Gutz and Mia are brother and sister. Gutz was brought into the shelter with an eye infection. The vet was very honest with them when he told them there was a good chance the eye would be lost if the medication he needed did not work. Most people would have moved on and found another cat but not these two. They knew that Gutz belonged with them and they would do whatever he needed to be healthy. Sadly after many rounds of failed medication treatments, the decision was made to take his eye. This is where cats excel, they can adapt to so many situations. Gutz never missed a beat. He is an extremely playful, healthy, plump, and strong little guy.

Mia is the lover of the two. She would love nothing more than to sit on your lap and chat with you all day. She is petite, has the softest fur, and loves to just hang close to you all day long while lounging in the sun. She does have an evil side though, this girl loves to eat anything and everything. I can not tell you how many trips to the vet she has been because she ate some piece of plastic or something else from the trash.

We adore them in every way and are thankful to have Gutz and Mia in the famiy.