I want to introduce to you Lainey, the latest addition to Kellie’s family. I hope you have seen the picture of my first grand pup Brewer on this page, he still has my heart the biggest but Lainey is catching up.

Lainey is a golden retriever and she is 19 weeks old in these pictures. She is ALL puppy. She loves to terrorize her brother, Brewer, and her step-sister Gracie. It has been ages since I have been around a puppy and let me tell you Mike and I are exhausted just watching them play. Kellie and her boyfriend got Lainey because they wanted a playmate for Brewer. I think they achieved this and then some. Brewer and Lainey love to spend their day doing zoomies all over the house, running up and over the couch and begging for treats.

Kellie has the same heart I do for animals. One day we both hope to live on a ranch and have animals roaming our land.

Just a few siblings passing the time