Whenever Mike and I go away on vacation the first thing I ALWAYS look for is “Can I get Eggs Benedict for breakfast?” The answer is usually YES but the issue is, it is RARELY ever gluten-free. For this reason, I had to learn to make this decadent breakfast at home.

During my research, I quickly became aware of the calorie count of this delightful breakfast treat. The hollandaise is what it is and no matter how hard I tried I could not get a decent taste while reducing the calories. I decided to stick with what I liked and work on reducing the carbs in the muffin.

I use this Hollandaise sauce, it is rich and full of flavor.

Having to avoid gluten means ditching the fabulous nooks and crannies English Muffins that are often used in this dish. However, I did find a very good low-carb gluten-free mug muffin that works great. Of course, you must temper your expectations on this dish, it is not the Four Season’s variety but it is damn good and a fabulous breakfast splurge in my opinion.

When making the mug muffins make sure you choose the widest brim mug you have and grease it well before adding your batter.

I always split the mug muffin in half and toast it before I add my poached egg. I love to add olives and basil to the poached egg. I feel one egg is enough for me but if you are feeling hungry, get wild and crazy and make two.