This is one of my favorite quotes. We have all been there right? We have felt like things will never change. We are convinced we will be in our current situation forever. We are angry, down, sad, frustrated and sometimes the best word to use is PISSED. 

When I was a Behavioral Counselor one of my favorite things to do was let my students know that it was ok to be in their current mood. I think too often life encourages us to shield our emotions and in my opinion this is not healthy. Once I would tell them it was ok to feel this way I also told them it will pass. The exercise that almost always worked with them was to then get a mirror and place it in front of them. I would ask them to take 2 seconds and just smile. Of course I had to bribe them often with a treat lol to do this exercise but in the long run it was always worth it. I am not sure at their young age they realized what I was trying to show them was you are 2 seconds away from a new emotion. What it almost always did do however was break the mood so then we could discuss why they were in the mood to begin with. 

As an adult we can all do this exercise and we do realize the meaning behind it. Next time you are in a mood, sit it out for a moment, feel it, maybe even journal about it but never let too much time pass before you hold up your mirror :-)