It is that time of year when everyone sits back and thinks about what New Year’s resolution they will proclaim and how it is going to change their life for the better. I am not against New Year’s resolutions but they tend to always sabotage me instead of motivate me. I honestly can not think of one year that I made a resolution and stuck to it.

Many years ago I decided to spend this time of year reflecting on the past year and what I loved about it instead of focusing on what I wanted to change. There were many years I did not reflect long as the year sucked but I still found something to be grateful for and something I wanted to build on. For me, this way of looking at the new year was more productive.

2023 was one of those years that I could spend forever reflecting on. 2023 was a year of growth for me. During this last year, Mike and I settled in with our new routine of saying yes more often. This new way of looking at life opened up a world of travel for us, we learned to play padel, we went on our first Camino, I learned to be ok with less, we stepped up our social calendar, and most importantly we finally felt settled and truly at peace living in Portugal.

Of course, 2023 had some things within it that I would like to change. The funny thing is they are the same things each year. Lose weight, drink less, exercise more, etc. I will continue to chip away at those but they do not define me or my year.

I hope as you reflect on your 2023 you spend more time thinking about what you loved about the year and less time beating yourself up about the things you want to change. You made it through the year, I promise if you dig deep you will find positive things you want to bring into 2024.