I am 58 years old and I am more active then I was in my 30’s and 40’s.

One thing 58 years of living has taught me is it is your “thinking” that determines everything.

Our negative thinking pattern can stop us from experiencing the present moment. Thinking is the new bad mold in my life. Thinking tends to hold me back. Thinking stops me from growing. Thinking keeps me in the corner. Over the last decade I have fallen prey to the social media curse just like you have probably as well. I realized I had lost the ability to tune into “ME”. I listend to everyone elses stories instead of playing my own station. The station that creates growth and adventure.

Here is what I am now learning to do when I get stuck in this “I am feeling old” pattern. If I am feeling “old” because of my arthritis pain or maybe noticing that it is not as easy to rise from the couch, I find something within my power to change/lesson the pain. Maybe I can’t FIX everything but I 100% can do something to improve it. I stop using age as an excuse and I work hard to overcome the feeling. If I am feeling “old” because I forgot something I know I should have remembered, I do a crossword puzzle or something to strengthen my mind. If my arthritis is flaring, I examine my food choices and maybe stick to gentle walking and mobility exercises for awhile.

If I used age as an excuse I would not be where I am today. This negative thinking holds you back from your dreams. Age is real and we are blessed to be experiencing it. Use it to your advantage. Make this the year you do not hold yourself back because of your stories in your head.

YOU DO HAVE control so do not get stuck in that whole “UGH I am too old stage”. Your body is magical and it craves mobility and adventure.