It is time to announce our next adventure 🙂

In November we will be leaving for our first ever Transatlantic Cruise onboard the Oceania Marina.

We will sail from Lisbon to Miami for 13 nights. This is a bucket list item for Mike and we are so excited to be able to take this opportunity to cross it off.

Our first cruise with Oceania was earlier this year in Europe and we fell in love with the line. When we saw that Oceania was doing a Transatlantic leaving from Lisbon we knew we had to find a way to get onboard.

Our earlier Europe cruise was delightful in every way but it was also port heavy and we never had a chance to enjoy our very loved sea days. This cruise is almost ALL sea days and just four ports of call.

The four ports are:

Funchal (Madeira), Portugal- We are so excited to visit this island in our home country

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands- We have friends that live on this island and we can’t wait to have the day to visit their home town

St. John’s, Antigua- We are doing a farm excursion here and cant wait to learn how they live here

San Juan, Puerto Rico- We have been here and we were not interested in seeing the rainforest again so we picked a food and rum tour.

Before everyone jumps down my throat lol and asks why we are not heading to the west coast to see family just stay tuned, another BIG adventure is heading our way 🙂

We are for sure going travel heavy in 2023 and 2024. We will not keep up this pace, in 2025 as much as I love to travel, we also love our hometown and all of our friends here. We are just taking the opportunities placed in front of us and saying YES.

The power of YES has changed our lives. We have learned to give up things so we can enjoy other things if that makes sense. I truly believe life is meant to be reinvented all the time. Staying stuck in a lifestyle or way of thinking was not serving us. Don’t stay stuck if you are in a place that feels wrong. Open those eyes and say YES. You will be surprised what adventures lie ahead.